Welcome to the NEW Glamluxe.net!

Greetings Glam Vixens!  Glamluxe.net is growing and we want to continue to provide you with the latest in quality products while also having a little bit of fun!

Here you’ll find personal blogs, contests, new product information, and all the latest news about our high quality 100% Indian Remy hair.  We’ll feature full integration with Facebook and Twitter so if you wanna catch up with us at work feel free to come here!

In the menu you’ll see a links to our boutique where you can purchase our fabulous products, as well as our Facebook and Twitter pages.  A blog will soon be up and running as well as more pages tailored to fit your interests.

Of course we’re just getting started, but we can’t wait to bring you more exclusive content over the next few weeks  Feel free to look around and subscribe to us using any of the RSS feeds in the footer.  The NEW Glamluxe.net is here for you and we’re about to take off:

Get on board!

9 Responses to “Welcome to the NEW Glamluxe.net!”
  1. shonda roberts says:

    Hi, I am trying to order via my smart phone. I didn’t notice a color option for the hair. I am interested in the 18 inch clip in extensions. Does the hair come in black only?

  2. Kat says:

    i cannot access the website. I want to order hair online because i live in boston! please help!

  3. SONYA says:

    Please tell me, Does Jennifer Williams really wear your clip in extensions regularly? I’m trying to match her exact hair texture from when she is actually taping on the show, not in pictures with long hair when not on the show…..I hope i’m making sense. PLEASE HELP!!! If so, I need to place an order immediately for my wedding. Thank you.

  4. Elle says:

    What happened to the boutique? I would like to order clip in extensions. Thanks!

  5. where do I begin long story short, I need your expertise my daughter is getting ready for the prom and I want her to look her best.This young lady is the best daughter any parent could ask for .Study hard does the right things in life,has a great faith .If she had any idea what I am trying to make happen for her she would just die. Thats why I will not mention it to her at all.I saw your article in my Essence magazine and I stop reading because I felt I really didnt to read any more.YOU are the people I need! I love Jennifer’s hair and ever time I would see her the hair is flawless hands down.I would love to do something for my daughter she would never forget. And what better time than now its prom time.She wears braids to have a nice length.But now she’s gra duating top 10 in her class and getting ready to go to Spelman or Howard.My daughter has work so hard to achieve.So I need to know how if at all possible I could get her hair done.I love Jennifers style when its straight or with curls.You probably won’t get this email hopefully someone in your office will.Sincerly

    • glamluxehair says:

      Hello Ms. Cornigan,

      I thank you for your kind words regarding the Essence article and Ms. Williams hair. While we do not personally style hair we do provide quality extensions in our boutique. If you click the Boutique link you’ll be taken to our online store where you can find a wide selection of hair extensions and accessories. Thank you for writing to us!

      Glam Luxe

      • Carmen yahoo.com says:

        I saw your article in Essence too. I love Jennifer’s hair. I’m afraid the color will not match my hair without.out seeing it first. In the store my hair color is C4/30 Do you have this color? Do you have a location to buy the extensions in Detroit?

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